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1 unit x L’ermaids Lucent Rice Serum (15ml)

Our Lucent Rice Serum helps to improve these skin concerns as it’s an ultra-hydrating serum that quenches dull, thirsty skin for smooth, radiant results. This lightweight rice serum delivers long-lasting moisture.

Lucent Rice Serum is enriched with vitamin B3, ferulic acid, and amino acid found in rice that works to safeguard your skin against inflammation and strengthen your skin. It is essential for hydration for all skin types!

1 unit x L’ermaids Dust Luxurious Rice Powder Facial Mask (50g)

A Premium HANDCRAFTED & 100% NATURAL fine versatile powder that can be used as a face mask and body scrub. Reveal radiant, soft, and clear skin with natural ingredients made from selected high-quality Rice Grains and Rose Petals which are gentle enough to be used daily*.

*Can be used as FACE MASK & BODY SCRUB.

Rescue combats dehydrated skin for glowing skin.

Repair & Replenish skin moisture levels by removing dead skin cells.

Anti-Blemish reduces blackhead, Whitehead, and acne.

1 unit x L’ermaids Slush Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Facial Mask (50g)

Our L’ermaids Slush has the finest quality of authentic Moroccan Rhassoul Clay that has been infused with Rice Extract which allows it to be extremely effective in drawing out impurities, leaving the skin fresh, clear, and purified.

Our hero ingredient is a magnet for toxins that deeply cleanses the skin. It purifies and tightens pores before your eyes, clearing congestion and battling breakouts.

Naturally astringent Witch Hazel that refine pores and Forsythia Suspensa which helps to soothe irritations.

Acne & Oil Control

Controls sebum and oil production, reducing acne and allowing pimples to heal without excessively stripping skin moisture. Moisture balance matrix ensures skin is hydrated, leaving skin fresh and clear!

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