L’ermaids is a premium skin care brand that is made accessible to every walk of life. The word itself is a combination of the French word ‘La’ means ‘The’ and the word ‘Mermaids’ which are beings who have always been depicted in fables as stunningly beautiful women who live in the ocean and serve as its guardians.

The ocean symbolizes beauty, serenity and tranquility and L’ermaids is the guardian of that beauty.

As a ‘beauty enthusiast’ and the ‘guardian of the beauty’, we will continue to strive our best to provide quality premium products, best value and highly conscious for our treasured patrons.

Our products have been formulated exclusively using French formulations with special and high-quality ingredients to fulfil every skin concerns and we aim to produce a full range of skincare products.

We are also looking at ways our practices are contributing back to and having a net positive effect on the environment so we are slowly leading the brand towards Blue Beauty where we can help to preserve the ocean and our mother nature.

We believe that every skin is beautiful and we want to embrace and celebrate all of it.


To live in this world, the body and the soul has to be intact. We are a Soul having experiences in a human body. Our journey in this world is to recognize who we really are and when we recognize who we really are, both our Body & Soul will shine their purest beauty and be at peace and we will travel through this journey of life in harmony regardless of any circumstances.


Give yourself a limitless beauty with the depth of pure soul. Let go of everything and focus on exploring the spiritual and magical beauties.

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