1. How often do I use L'ermaids products?
    We recommend using our product everyday for best results. If you have sensitive skin we recommend using L’ermaids Slush every 2 or 3 days. Always remember to moisturize after every application.

  2. Are all the L'ermaids products safe to us together?
    Our L’ermaids products are designed to slot easily into any skincare routine. While all of our products can be used together, they are also highly active, so there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure our products effectiveness.

  3. Is L'ermaids based in Malaysia?
    Yes! We are born and made in Malaysia. Currently, our main warehouse is in Malaysia only. All shipping is from Malaysia and delivery times depend on our shipping partner.

  4. Are L'ermaids products made and manufactured in Malaysia?
    L’ermaids products are made and manufactured in Malaysia.

  5. Where do you source your materials from?
    We work with local specialists (Malaysia) and do research to make sure we only use approved quality ethical ingredients.

  6. Why is the color of L'ermaids product I received different from website?
    The color of the product on the website may vary due to the resolution. Please send us a photo of what you received (please make sure to take a photo under natural light or white light) so we can confirm if the color of the product is correct.

  7. Do you guarantee results?
    Every person has a different skin. So, the results may vary for different customers. While L’ermaids products have helped thousands of people to enhance their skin appearance, we won’t be responsible for results below customer expectation.

  8. Does L'ermaids products halal?
    Our product is not yet Halal certified but we manufactured our products with Halal certified manufacturers and we made sure that we do not test our products on animals.

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