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About Us

L’ermaids is a premium skin care brand that is made accessible to every walk of life. The word itself is a combination of the French word ‘La’ means ‘The’ and the word ‘Mermaids’ which are beings who have always been depicted in fables as stunningly beautiful women who live in the ocean and serve as its guardians.

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Shop & Experience us for a beautiful complexion and healthier skin. As a 'beauty enthusiast', we will continue to strive our best to provide quality products, best value and highly conscious for our beloved patrons.

  • L'ermaids - WANAA


    "This Dust is Divine. ♡ Every item I have purchased from L'ermaids is beautifully made & with great care."

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  • L'ermaids - SYASYA


    "TQ for introducing me this product. It works very good on my skin."

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  • L'ermaids - RARA


    "I love this stuff and will never not have it as part of my skin routine from here on out."

  • L'ermaids - IZZATI


    "Lovely packaging & smells amazing. Muka rasa fresh je lepas guna Slush. Really good quality and speedy delivery."

  • L'ermaids - ROZANA


    "So gentle! I feel much cleaner after using it."

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